I recently rang Status Plus to enquire about a replacement ceramic glass cooktop. I do not live in the Cairns area. Ashley at Status Plus advised me that the cooktop I was seeking was no longer available but that he would find one with the same measurements and of similar quality and appearance. He did this. He then arranged transport, installation by a local electrician and the removal of the broken top. Within a few days the cooktop was bought, packaged, transported and installed. The customer service I received from Ashley at Status Plus was excellent with the whole process very thoughtfully and efficiently handled. The cooktop could not have been chosen better...it fits all the requirements.
- Marilyn Scott
Purchased from our Kitchen Appliances, Cooking and Whitegoods Cairns range
Just wanted to send you big cheers for the kitchen goodies... Lots of happy little campers now!
- Sam Drummond
I'm writing to let you know how happy we are with the service from Status Plus. All your staff has been very helpful and friendly and they return our calls when promised. Our new Siemens oven and dishwasher are fantastic and we recommend them and Status Plus to our friends.
- Beth Bottomley
All went very Well. Please thank Matt again for me - he did all the heavy lifting with Russell helping and what a gentleman!!. All fitted nicely, thank goodness. And Russell was a great help. Miele must win the award for quietness. I'm not use to not hearing the machine. Cheers
- Valerie Johnston
Thanks so much, what wonderful customer service!
- Penelope Binotto
Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service you have provided us. The Moet and $$ are much appreciated and beyond our expectation, we will enjoy sitting in our kitchen one nice afternoon. Thank you to you and your team and we will certainly now have no hesitation in returning for future business (no offence but hopefully not for a while!).
- Brendan and Jo Moffat
Well it was a Friday afternoon and my electric kettle had given up the ghost several days before. I was sick of boiling water in a saucepan. I went in to one store…for no particular reason, and found the blue Kenwood kettle i had been coveting, for $119. Low and behold they wouldn't sell it to me, as it was the display model, even after the assistant had rung his manager to ask. Dejected, on my way back home I thought…why not see what Status Plus has to offer. To my surprise, there was the same kettle, for $99. Even better, it came with a $30 cash back offer, a glass of champagne, and a smile. Happy Days!
- Alison
We were very pleased with the service we received from Status Plus staff. The young man who delivered our washing machine was extremely patient and helpful in installing the machine and assisting me (well, the other way round, really) to get the old machine into my car for disposal. Altogether an easy and cheerful experience.
- Graham Chandler
Thanks again for all your care & service!! Bitter sweetly to you i say that we received a 2nd hand washer the day after you gave us this quote. Just an insight for you that the only other place we checked out was "the good guys" selling some cheaper models but with full price delivery & giving an offensive $3 off (literally!) my husband was so upset with the salemans care factor he walked straight back out - no comparison to our experience at status plus.
- Hannah
To Sharron and Grace the pocket rockets and our Welsh mate, thank you for really getting behind Franke and Highland. I really can't thank you all enough for the support and hospitality you give us, yet again you prove that you do have the best team.
- Steve Cox, PR Kitchen Systems