Just wanted to say we love the coffee machine - it produces quality coffee and exceptional crema! Thanks for organising it.
- Leanne Plasto, Education Queensland
Matt delivered our new washer and dryer this morning. I would like to say he was the nicest most helpful delivery person I have ever met. He was professional, courteous, cheerful and just a genuinely helpful person. I would like to state that Status plus is very lucky to have him. We look forward to dealing with Status Plus and Matt again some time in the future.
- Larinda and Jason Hopton
We wish to compliment you and your staff for their assistance in our recent purchase of a LG Refrigerator. We were impressed with all of your sales staff with whom we made contact, and we were especially impressed with the 'string-bean' of a young man who made the delivery. We'll be back.
- Wayne Knight
Thanks so much, what wonderful customer service!
- Penelope Binotto
Thanks for your detailed email. I really mean it when I say I appreciate your effort and time! I am keen to keep business in the Far North and will definitely be purchasing with Status Plus.
- Kate Vogler
I am very impressed with the service which I received today. I was very well looked after; the knowledge base was extremely informative, with very attractive pricing discounts. I felt communication was of a high level hence I look forward to progressing with our project and receiving professional assistance from the highly knowledgeable staff at Status Plus.
- Tanya Blake
We were very pleased with the service we received from Status Plus staff. The young man who delivered our washing machine was extremely patient and helpful in installing the machine and assisting me (well, the other way round, really) to get the old machine into my car for disposal. Altogether an easy and cheerful experience.
- Graham Chandler
Thank you so much for looking after me. I would recommend you to all my friends. It is nice to see a business that looks after its customers. If I ever need anything for my new house, I would happily to do business with you again and again!
- Petdara and Lutombi
I too am equally impressed by the service of Status Plus. I met Sandy on Saturday night...WOW! Thanks again for the acknowledgement – what a great example the Staff at Status Plus are!
- Dianne Healy, i.d blinds (Winner Small Business Owner of the Year 2012)
I recently rang Status Plus to enquire about a replacement ceramic glass cooktop. I do not live in the Cairns area. Ashley at Status Plus advised me that the cooktop I was seeking was no longer available but that he would find one with the same measurements and of similar quality and appearance. He did this. He then arranged transport, installation by a local electrician and the removal of the broken top. Within a few days the cooktop was bought, packaged, transported and installed. The customer service I received from Ashley at Status Plus was excellent with the whole process very thoughtfully and efficiently handled. The cooktop could not have been chosen better...it fits all the requirements.
- Marilyn Scott
Purchased from our Kitchen Appliances, Cooking and Whitegoods Cairns range