All went very Well. Please thank Matt again for me - he did all the heavy lifting with Russell helping and what a gentleman!!. All fitted nicely, thank goodness. And Russell was a great help. Miele must win the award for quietness. I'm not use to not hearing the machine. Cheers
- Valerie Johnston
‘We recently purchased all our kitchen appliances from Status Plus, out of character for Status plus staff, there was a misunderstanding between them and us which resulted in us not receiving all items that we were expecting. Ash Balderson was very understanding and went above and beyond to ensure we walked away happy customers. Thank you for the great customer service – we’ll see you again!!’
- Tegan Longhurst
I came in yesterday and purchased from Marty for a house in Bramstom Beach. Terrific service from Marty and your team. Many Thanks.
- David Maynard
I must congratulate you on your staff member Shae. We purchased a cook top from you, which unfortunately was faulty. Our plus has been the after sales service provided from Shae. Her attitude has always been professional and polite and we thank her for that. We are grateful for her excellent help.
- Klaus Gaida
Thank you so much for looking after me. I would recommend you to all my friends. It is nice to see a business that looks after its customers. If I ever need anything for my new house, I would happily to do business with you again and again!
- Petdara and Lutombi
On Sunday we showed Sandy our concerns with the fridge, yesterday the service company phoned me and today just after 9 a.m. two servicemen arrived. We've never had such speedy service and are very impressed!
- Beth Bottomley
We just want to say a big thank you for putting us in touch with Nathan your SMEG rep. Your customer service has been outstanding. Even though our goods were originally purchased through a much larger supply chain who were unwilling to help us with our product warranty issue, you and the team at Status Plus stepped up not once, but twice to ensure a fantastic end result for us. I will be sure to be bringing all my future business to you @ Status Plus because I now know I will not only be receiving a quality product but it will also be backed up with exceptional customer service well after I walk out the store.
- Cathy & Dean Cooper
I have to say I was impressed with the service. I like the one stop shop approach. Saves a lot of running around.
- Elaine McTaggart
Thanks for all your help in organising our Miele washing machine and dryer to be delivered before the weekend. Matt was very helpful and kind and even helped us put together the machines. I am so happy with the pull out drawer in the middle as besides holding washing baskets it stores the machine quick guides. The washing machine works extremely well and our clothes seem cleaner and I'm sure the dryer will too once I get to use it. We look forward to doing business with you and we wish you all the best for the future. We will recommend Status Plus to anyone who wants good service.
- Jenni and Peter Flanders
A big thank you for all your assistance regarding the install and quality products from Status Plus not to mention your follow through. It has been a pleasure dealing with a professional company. Thanks again Rod.
- Kelvin & Judy
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