Commercial Solutions

With 30 years’ experience in the supply of quality appliances and fixtures to local builders, Status Plus has forged a reputation as the Far North’s premier appliance retailer and regional trend setter.

Commercial Solutions in Kitchen Design and Kitchen appliances, CairnsMajor sponsor of the Far North Queensland Architecture Awards and the local Queensland Master Builders Association Awards, Status Plus regularly hosts informational events to keep industry professionals abreast of the latest innovations in technology and design; and architects and builders regularly join us in store for informal up-dates.

With an expanding dedicated commercial division, Status Plus has developed relationships with local and national developers, architects, designers and builders on product selection for multi-residential projects (300+), resorts & villas, community structures, aged care, home builders and the flavour of the month boutique developments. The commercial team pride themselves on exclusive pricing and excel in the delivery of quality control; superior communication; economy; and time management throughout all stages of the project. 

Status Plus provides innovative solutions to complex problems. Through a collaborative process, we aim to align our clients’ design expertise with our product savvy. By continually developing our approach to service and technical know-how, Status Plus strives to be North Queensland’s leading provider of building and renovating supplies.
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We just want to say a big thank you for putting us in touch with Nathan your SMEG rep. Your customer service has been outstanding. Even though our goods were originally purchased through a much larger supply chain who were unwilling to help us with our product warranty issue, you and the team at Status Plus stepped up not once, but twice to ensure a fantastic end result for us. I will be sure to be bringing all my future business to you @ Status Plus because I now know I will not only be receiving a quality product but it will also be backed up with exceptional customer service well after I walk out the store.
- Cathy & Dean Cooper