The Windows you need for open plan living style

Kitchen Window

Windows are not only an ideal source of light and air flow, but can be a practical style element to add to an open plan living room, bedroom or kitchen. There are many different types of windows that can suit specific parts of the house that offer style and practicality. In Australia, especially here in Cairns, having a breeze float through the household can help take the edge off that summer heat. However, upgrading the windows and doors of your home to double glazed glass can also help keep the cool air in when the aircon is in use. 

Having an open style kitchen can help dissolve the thick odours that come when cooking fish, or help cool down the kitchen space when the oven has been in use all day. Choosing the right window for your kitchen and living spaces can be hard, especially when there are so many styles and fittings to choose from. Some popular choices include; 

Double-Hung windows:

These windows are easy to fit and appropriate for almost all rooms of the house. They offer great air flow and natural light wherever it is needed. Because they open vertically, they are easy to cover with shutters, blinds or curtains for bedrooms or living rooms. 


Awning windows are ideal choices for bathrooms. They open outward with the hinge at the top, offering air flow through the sides and bottom; which means privacy is still kept while air is let in.

Horizontal Sliders:

These are classic, easy to fit window styles that can be open or screen protected. They can be made to suit any room at any size with a range of trimmings and styles. 

Louvre windows:

Louvre windows are a great option for regulating airflow in any room. With the ability to control the blades and the angle they open at you can increase or decrease air on those super windy days. Louvres are also a great option for letting air in and keeping water out when it is raining. Style wise, a great position for them can be found on either side of doorways or even the space above doors and the ceiling – letting the air flow consistently. 

Bi-fold windows:

Bi-fold windows are perfect for kitchen spaces that open to an outdoor area. A summer BBQ is made easier when food can be passed through from the kitchen straight to the back deck. Bi-fold windows can match the bi-fold doors in the living room offering maximum airflow through the house from every direction. 
Choosing the right windows and doors for an open plan living style home can be difficult when there are so many options. If you are having trouble deciding and want more information on what will suit your lifestyle and home, contact Status Plus or Get a Quote today.