Kitchen Must-Haves for the Ultimate Home Entertainer

Kitchen design Must-haves for Home entertainers

The heart of the home and the center of the party - the Kitchen is no doubt where you will find the busy host. Whether you plan on holding a small dinner party, brunch or large soirees, the kitchen appliances and white goods is a crucial consideration when building or renovating your kitchen. It can seem quite overwhelming, creating a kitchen that is inviting and stylish, yet spacious enough to hold the whole extended family - the below kitchen design and kitchen appliance must-haves can give you the helping hand.

1. Kitchen Island Benchtops

The Kitchen is the center hub of the home so having a large island benchtop is an essential addition to your family kitchen. Large island benchtops allow home-cooks to easily spread out and prepare food and drink for their guests. Having more space also allows more room to display your electrical kitchen appliances without them getting in the way of food preparation. Island benchtops can come in a large variety of materials and designs. Choosing the right island benchtop for your kitchen design can be tricky but the experts at Status Plus can help.

2. Large Industrial Sinks

Sinks are often overlooked when redesigning your kitchen. Having a large industrial sink, or dual industrial sinks allow for easier prep and clean up. Seeing as this part of the kitchen is in daily use and is a high traffic area it's vital to choose the right size for your kitchen space and needs. Having the extra sink space can be beneficial for cleaning larger appliances or catering platters that may not fit into your dishwasher. 

3. Large Oven

Large ovens provide more convenience and versatility than the smaller counterpart. With a large, or commercial sized oven in your home you can say goodbye to wasting countless hours trying to squeeze in your large roast or multiple trays of cakes and cookies. Larger ovens often include more shelves which allow for way more space for baking and roasting.

4. Wine cooler fridge

A wine cooler fridge in your kitchen is ideal for cool storing your wine for that impromptu dinner party. Always be prepared with cool crisp whites ready to pour when stored in your wine cooler. Many wine coolers offer a multi-temperature feature which allows your whites to stay cool and your reds to stay at room temperature.

5. Dishwasher

A no-brainer kitchen appliance. Saves you time cleaning up so you can spend more time with your family and friends. 

Status Plus Cairns, have an extensive range of white goods and kitchen appliances to stock up your home entertainer's kitchen. If you are looking at re-modeling your kitchen design, the team at Status Plus can also offer you design advice and tailored packages to fulfill your kitchen dreams - come and say hi today!