How to Decide on Fittings and Finishes in your Home

Finishes and Fittings Cairns

Deciding on fixtures and finishes whether you are purchasing an off the plan home or apartment or renovating a home is an important step, and the design and products you choose will determine how your property looks, feels and ages. If you’re looking to rent out the home, the fixtures and fittings can also impact on the type of tenants you will attract, as they may be willing to pay more for higher quality touches. Also, consider the maintenance needs for these items as this needs to be taken into consideration as you don’t want to be replacing cheap and nasty bathroom and kitchen appliances.  

Thought and Planning

The types of decisions that need to be made include; window dressings, floor coverings, paint colour, wall tiles, taps, door handles, light switches, light shades, sinks, kitchen appliances and more. These aspects of a home are important and need the thought and planning, as it is the small touches that make a home a relaxing and inviting environment for family and friends.
Just like a good wine, you want your property to age well.

Bathroom Fitting Trends

There are so many different styles and themes that can be chosen for your bathroom. Using the right fittings and fixtures will make sure Bettethat your bathroom reflects your chosen theme along with everything looking in the right place. There are a number of themes that you can style your bathroom with:

Modern: the modern bathroom uses warm features that evoke a feeling of nature through the use of the materials and shapes – think timber, stone, rounded and curve shapes. Deep baths are ideally suited to this type of bathroom such as the range from Bette or Roca with wall mounted fittings such as a vanity toilet look great.   

Traditional: opt for a more detailed and elaborate fittings in brass, gold, ceramic and silver materials as they look effective. Mounted taps that are separate on the sink such as Brodware look fabulous. A freestanding vanity or shower rose head also add texture.



Minimalist: if you’re after clean lines and simple finishes minimalist is your bathroom (simple does not mean basic, many high-tech appliances look amazing). To achieve this look you need walk in showers from Grohe, squared off or angular baths, glass to define areas. The aim is to make it as low fuss as possible.

Heritage: Claw footed baths and pedestal basins matched with older style tapwear with the antique brass or silver is perfect along with ornately styled mirrors.

Functional: is prefect if it will be used by several people. These types of bathrooms have double vanities, mixer taps and frameless glass. This bathroom is as user friendly as possible.    

Flooring Options

When selecting flooring you want to consider something that will last for as long as possible, this may include choosing darker coloured carpets and usually limited to the bedrooms. Durable living floor materials such as tiles in either gloss or matte. Tiles are also easy to clean but may chip over time if you drop items on them. Timber also looks nice if that’s the look and feel you’re after however, they too scratch over time.

Quality and Functional Kitchen Appliances Miele

Our Status Plus showroom stocks a whole range of kitchen appliances ranging from brands like Smeg, Miele, Asko, Westingwood and many more. Quality and functional kitchen appliances are definitely the way to go and through incorporating a ‘wow’ factor into your kitchen can make all the difference. The wow factor could be a fridge with an ice and water dispenser, built in coffee machine or even a wider cooktop or oven.    

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