Gas Cooktops vs Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops have come a long way in terms of technology advancements as well as the rise in popularity. Many questions have also been raised as is becomes a hot topic on which is a better cooking method Gas or Induction. It is a hard question and there isn’t a simple answer, the truth is that both types of cooktops have their advantages. The final decision will come down to your own preferences.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are a fast, effective and powerful method of cooking. Gas is the cooktop of choice for many professional chiefs as well as a being a family favourite within Australian households.

Smeg Gas Induction Cooktop


Advantages of Gas

  • Gas is an environmentally-friendly and cost effective energy source.
  • Compatible with all types of cookware.
  • No ‘heat up’ time instant heat as soon as you switch it on. The flame also provides a visual aid at a glance to know whether the heat level is correct.
  • Easy to cook with woks – as the gas trivet should support the round base of the work – some even come with a dedicated wok burner.
  • Some people prefer to use the gas control knobs compared to touch controls.

Drawbacks to Gas

  • Gas cooktops produce a fairly large amount of heat which can cause a hot and uncomfortable kitchen and cooking environment.
  • The open flame can pose a threat with scary stories of tea towels accidentally catching on fire or injuring people’s hands or fingers.
  • Ensure you invest in a flame failure device fitted to each burner – this automatically shuts off the gas supple allowing the flame to dye out. Any gas cooktop without this safety feature are not safe.
  • Gas cooktops don’t fit in well in minimalist kitchens or small unit kitchen spaces
  • Hard to clean as food and liquids spill down to the base and gather at the bottom

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are definitely evolving in terms of technology as well as growing in popularity. Induction spokespeople are definitely becoming louder and prouder as the product continues to grow meeting consumer needs.

Beko Induction Cooktop

Advantages of Induction

  • Cooking is extremely precise – very useful when cooking technically demanding dishes requiring a constant temperature.
  • Induction is extremely fast to heat up, and can actually bring water to the boil much faster than gas. Creating a more cost effective and time efficient way of cooking.
  • Heat is not transferred from one element to the pot, rather inductions work by creating an electromagnet reaction with the metal in the pot. In other words the pot itself becomes hot not the cooktop, preventing your kitchen from becoming too hot and uncomfortable – creating a safer environment.
  • You can’t accidentally forget to turn the cooktop off once you have removed the pot- if there is not pot there is no heat.
  • Multi-purpose bench space to use as cooktop as well as for other purposes when you’re not cooking.
  • Easy to clean with a flat surface not to mention the great aesthetics of the sleek look if you prefer minimalist kitchens.

Drawbacks to Induction

  • Only able to use stainless steel or cast iron cookware- an easy test is if a magnet will stick to the bottom then it will work for induction cooktops.
  • As it uses a flat surface you can only use flat base cookware – may make it difficult cooking on woks or you can buy a wok adapter.
  • Need to be careful not to scratch the surface, this can happen if your roughly shaking a frying pan etc.
  • Price wise induction is still slightly more expensive compared to gas or electric however, due to them being so energy efficient induction is worth the investment.
  • If you do spill liquid there is nowhere for the spill to go you could run the risk of the liquid running under the surface and into the electricals causing a problem. However some cooktops come with an over-boil detector which switches the element off. 

The Outcome

There are a range of pros and cons for both kitchen appliances for gas and induction cooktops. To help you make your choice why not visit our experienced staff at our Cairns showroom and they will provide you with some great tips, advice and current promotions. You can also check out our kitchen appliance clearance section on the website to find some great deals to suit all budgets to make cooking and entertaining a breeze. 

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