Benefits of Purchasing a Kitchen/Laundry Package

Kitchen and Laundry Appliances Packages Cairns
Whether you’re building a new kitchen, a new bathroom, remodelling your home or just in need of an upgrade, new kitchen and laundry appliances are a must.
The options can be overwhelming; there are many questions that need to be answered, features that need to be considered and the allocation of possible cash outlay - stressful enough that it could send the project straight to the back burner.
Purchasing the main kitchen and laundry appliances such as refrigerators, cookers, ovens, washers and dryers (to name a few) can be a herculean task to achieve. The process involved in deciding on new appliances can be time-consuming and a stressfully confusing experience. 
Learning about the features you need and a good period to purchase your kitchen and laundry appliances can help you score top performing whitegoods without blowing the bank. You can certainly make your dream kitchen or laundry room a reality - but there is still a risk of overspending when you are spending based on an individual appliance feature.
Rather than hunting around for the right pieces for your home, you can get them all in one great appliance package. Appliance packages are a relatively new phenomenon when it comes to buying new appliances. It means that you don't have to scour appliance stores and websites to find matching designs to suit your renovation or home upgrade.
Kitchen and Laundry Packages Cairns by Status Plus

Save Time and Money

If you need to buy several home appliances at once, for example, a washer and dryer or main kitchen appliances that you need such as a cooktop and oven, an appliance package could be your biggest source of savings - both time and money.
It is a simpler and faster method as you can avoid the long hours of research and colour matching by purchasing an appliance package. 
It is a cost-effective route too, as buying a full suite of home appliances consisting of your main kitchen appliances or laundry appliances is a clever way to save money. In a package deal, you will usually get plenty of appliances at a much lower price as manufacturers often give additional discounts when you purchase a set.
You would be saving a lot with package deals, such as Status Plus' Month of ASKO which offers massive discounts on all premium cooking and laundry appliances. Imagine saving up to $1,600AUD on kitchen and laundry packages!

No Headaches

An appliance package provides a cohesive and unified style that will make your kitchen and laundry room look fantastic. The appliances come in a set thus they are made for each other - the colours, details, styles and options are all identical. This eliminates the headaches that you would have when buying appliances on a per item basis. 
With no headaches, you will enjoy a great set of appliances that are well coordinated with a harmonised and matching display. By purchasing a kitchen package or laundry package, you receive the benefits of a bulk buy - by saving money on more expensive and better quality appliances than if you bought them as individual pieces. You also have the flexibility of choosing your own appliances and creating a customised appliance package to fully meet your needs.

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Status Plus - Month of ASKO: Great Savings on Kitchen and Laundry Packages