Bathroom Design and Renovation Tips

Modern Bathroom

How to successfully renovate your Bathroom and avoid common mistakes

Designing and renovating a bathroom can be a difficult task to include all the elements you want from your dream bathroom. Bathrooms are no longer a place just for personal hygiene; they are another room for relaxation and taking some time for yourself. 
When designing your new bathroom it is important to keep within your budget while adhering to your needs. Below are some tips on how to successfully design your bathroom to suit your needs, space and style and how to avoid common mistakes.

1. Plan your Design

Trying to squeeze too much into the bathroom design will cause it to seem cluttered. Overcrowding will immediately eliminate the feeling of space and relaxation. To create the best design for your bathroom you need to first consider;
  • Research for inspiration on how you want your bathroom to look 
  • Is the current layout a beneficial use of the space? If not, you may consider removing the toilet if there is a powder room close by for extra space you didn’t have before.
  • Consider where you can add storage without cluttering floor space – can you include shelving above the toilet or next to the basin mirror?

2. Stick to the Budget

It is very easy to get carried away and start over capitalizing, especially when you are caught up with how amazing your new bathroom can look. There are many simple things you can do to limit over-spending where you don’t need to;
  • A new coat of paint and some new hand door handles can renew the look of your cabinets without buying a new set. Depending on the look you’re after you can find some great second-hand handle-ware from op-shops and similar discount furniture stores to change the look on a budget.
  • Do your research for the best deals for things like a new bathtub or toilet – also be flexible on the exact piece you had in mind as you may find a cheaper alternative that will still suit the design.
  • Be realistic, do you really need that heated towel rail? Cut back on things that are unnecessary or specific to your taste if you plan on selling later down the track.
  • DIY where you can but if things are out of your depth – hire the professionals to ensure the job is done correctly to avoid mishaps later on.

3. Get the experts in

While renovating a bathroom you may find many years of water damage underneath. It is important that you do not skimp on professional plumbing and waterproofing if your bathroom renovation is that extensive to ensure the protection of your home in the long run. The same rule applies for builders if your design requires more extensive renovating and removal.

4. Create space through design

Choosing neutral coloured tiles, cabinet colours and increasing the amount of white lights in the bathroom can give the illusion of a bigger space. Large mirrors are also a great way to double the size of the room. If tiling and a new shower is in the plan and budget, having a glass shower without a base is also a space saving illusion. 

5. Storage

There is no such thing as too much storage when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens. Designing storage to fit the number of people using the bathroom and keeping within the aesthetics of the design can be difficult – but not impossible. There are thousands of storage solutions outside of Ikea that are simple, effective and don’t clutter the space. Do your research, talk to your builder and consider the best design and layout to suit your needs.
We’re not saying bathroom renovations are easy, it can be difficult to pick what you want and where you want it for the right price – especially when plumbing is involved. The showrooms at Status Plus might be just the inspiration you need to get the renovations underway! Talk to one of the design consultants when it is convenient to you and get a great deal on packages, whitegoods and all the finishings you need to create the ultimate bathroom in your home.