Bathroom Decluttering in 5 Easy Steps

Bathroom Mess

Bathrooms are usually the smallest and by far the messiest room in any home. No matter how organized you are in every other part of your home, it’s easy to let products pile up and before you know it, your space is a hoarders dream. But it doesn't have to be this way!These easy to follow 5 steps are sure to help you reclaim your space in no time.

Check expiry dates

A simple but effective tip to declutter your bathroom is to check product expiry dates. It can be so easy to purchase items we don’t necessarily need and then forget about them once the ‘hype’ of purchasing them wears off. Even if it’s a product we swore we would use every single day (hello multi-vitamins) more often than not they end up forgotten about and take up residency for much longer than they should. Bite the bullet and check the expiry dates, throw them out and see just how much more room you’re left with.

Only keep products you use daily in the bathroom

It can be tempting to fill your space with products or items that look good but don’t get used daily, or even weekly. By sticking to this rule you leave space for the products that actually matter, like your daily face cream, toothbrush or hair products. Not only will it make your space more atheistically pleasing but you’ll spend less time rummaging around trying to find that hair tie you know is there somewhere.

Utilise trendy storage options

Hair dryers, hair straighteners and makeup brushes laying around can easily make a space seem so much smaller than it really is. If you must have all of your products in your bathroom, using trendy but effective storage options will help save your space. Store bulky products in a whicker basket in the cupboard above the sink. Items such as makeup brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste can be put into a mason jar to give your countertop a more orderly, modern feel.

Get creative with shelving

Some spaces are too small to have baskets and jars around, which is when it can seem impossible to try and organize your space. This is where you can get creative and even tap into some DIY shelving options. A popular shelving option is leaning ladder against your bathroom wall. You can find all sorts of wooden or metal ladders online but if you prefer to DIY, it’s as simple as putting together old pieces of timber to really add a rustic feel to your space. Ladders are a great solution as you can literally slide them in anywhere and they won't add a crowded feeling.

Remove excess packaging

A tip that may sound a bit strange, but is probably one of the biggest reasons your bathroom is overflowing. We get it - you just bought the family a bunch of toileties to stock up supplies, or you treated yourself to those pretty facial products that all have 6 layers of packaging. The key here is to throw out the products they are replacing, especially if you're trying to squeeze out that final drop, and unpack the new products straight away. Your space will thank you.

Or, if you simply have zero storage in your current bathroom, talk to a Status Plus Specialist about the best design solutions for your Bathroom.