2018 Kitchen Trend Forecast

Dark Wood and Greenery In 2018 Kitchen Trends
Some kitchen trends never change, as we continue to see with the use of chrome appliances and pops of colour. However the forecast for 2018 appears to showcase hints of navy on neutral palettes and fresh greenery in the kitchen, dining and living spaces; bringing a piece of the outside in, to help freshen and rejuvenate the domestic heart of the home.

Hues of Blue

Neutral whites, creams and beiges will always be a timeless choice for base home design colours. They also allow for maximum flexibility if you like to keep up with the ever changing trends. We are seeing two trends that add to a neutral base that are just as elegant together as they are separate.
Hues of navy blues can add a dramatic yet sophisticated look to the kitchen; matched with either chrome or the ever growing in popularity brass, tapware and utensils, navy could be the colour your kitchen needs to spice things up. The best part of this trend? Whether it is repainting your cabinets the perfect shade, or adding multiple new accessories - adding a touch of navy can be done on any budget and still have the same stylish effect.

Rustic Charm

The other popular trend we’re seeing leading up to 2018 is the introduction of more earthy tones, textures and decor. If you prefer to keep your kitchen within the lighter tones, the addition of light timber cabinets or reclaimed timber countertops might be the way to go. Go dark and luxurious with dark timber accessories including display shelving units, wooden utensils, branch-based plants and stools. Bring in some greenery with herb gardens or other small pot plants, or decorate with green coloured utensils, cookbooks, tea towels or even seat cushions for stools at the Kitchen bench.

Sleek Storage

There are countless different styles of cupboard and storage units that can vary to your budget and design focus. The look of less can often mean more with multiple draws hidden behind one door or draw creating seamless cabinets. Handle-less ‘push to open’ doors can help the flow of a seamless kitchen and add a sense of cleanliness and sophistication. Storing away benchtop appliances like the coffee machine or toaster by integrating spaces for them in built-in cabinets is a good start to decluttering the benchtop and opening up the whole space. 
These are just some of the key kitchen trends we'll be seeing come 2018 that can be achieved on any budget. For more kitchen design ideas head instore and talk to one of our consultants or contact us for a free quote today.