Best Price Policy

Status Plus is dedicated to providing our clients with the most positive shopping experience possible. This includes offering the best price on all our products including home appliances, kitchen appliances, eletcrical appliances, bathroom designs, laundry appliances, tiles, timber doors, blinds and screens, etc.

If our clients are quoted a better price than ours we will refund the difference. This gives our clients the peace of mind that not only are they getting the best service and advice; they are also getting the best possible price.

To discuss further please email us.

Ashley, thank you so much for your time, information and photos. It really surprised us that the owner of a business took so much time with two people who were “just looking” as they say. We not only had a fun time there but learnt a lot, things we never knew and would never have thought of. You certainly have given us a bit to think about. We certainly will be in touch...
- Elizabeth Olive