Our range of mosaic tiles can be used as bathrooms tiles, kitchen tiles, outdoor entertaining tiles and more and include:

  • Glass splashbacks
  • Feature walls and recesses
  • Floor tiles
  • Swimming pool tiles
  • Custom designs & murals
  • Commercial applications & community art
  • Epoxy grout (fill gel)

Tiles are not just a way of decorating a bathroom or kitchen walls and floors - there are numerous different uses for tiles many of which can be found at Status Plus Cairns.

Our extensive range of bathroom tiles and outdoor tiles includes custom designs, mural art, community art, swimming pool tiles, feature walls and much more. We have many tiles to choose from, including specific brands and their related products.

Click on the link to learn more about our brands and styles in bathroom tiles Cairns and more.

I have just recently had the pleasure of purchasing a clothes dryer from your company. I received the best service possible from your Sales Manager Charles. I own a villa in Mirage Port Douglas and organised the sale via telephone and email. The space where the dryer sits is quite small so it wasn't a straightforward purchase. Charles went out of his way to find the right product for me and has now become an expert on small dryers!. He couldn't have been more polite, charming and competent with his service. I shall be back when my small washing machine packs up sometime in the near future!.
- Chris Walker
Purchased from our Laundry Appliances and Laundry Equipment range